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Fuckin Yanush, outstanding. I got an insulin pump 7 months ago, shit is going well/better. Glad I wondered back to NG yet again. Great stuff as always.

InsulinpumpClock responds:

I hope you wander back more and more. I like reviews and people like you are a joy to get reviews from and there are plenty of these movies. I'm glad you got a pump. "You have diabetes."

Hahahaa, I don't know whats more entertaining, this fine piece of flash or this anthonyburkett2 comment below. Your satire is obvious enough but this anthonyb, haha. Great way to end the day, thanks guys.

Every now and then NG makes me think, "These guys know solid front page material." This is one of those times. Thank you.

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I pressed BACKSPACE by accident during the final battle. I lost T_T - Fun never the less.


Great game, wonderful cameos by so many NES favorites. I'm sure I have the same question as many about reversing the controls AWSD instead of arrows. I play with my right hand crossed over my left but its a struggle. Its a personal problem like my crappy wireless keyboard who's keys lock and repeat even when using a game pad. Never the less great game, I watched it go from Version 1.1 to 1.3 in less than a week, keep up with whatever improvements you are making, I love it! But I hate the freaking Megabobo BOSS!!

Super Villians Layer

Woulda never thought I'd make it this far, gotta shut off the 4 safety shutdown things. Getting 11x Boost with Daft Lorna was painful but felt so rewarding after I finally completed it. Great game, can't wait for the 3rd. Now to hopefully complete this game!

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Holy shit. I just came on NG looking for some art of yours to use as a CD cover image for my MP3 player and the Evil-Dog Xmas tracks I have. Glad I came across this. Its been years since I've listened to anything from Hania. Now its been 1 minute and this shit will be listened to several times more very shortly. Great stuff as always.

Thought provoking indeed.

A real joy to listen to, a feel good kinda vibe but definately paints pictures in my head of something fantastic. Reminds me of a harder "TOE" listen to them if you get a chance, strictly instramental. Keep it up and thanks!

sinecadenza responds:

Thank you for the review. We are currently working on more stuff. We will release them here when they are done!

I came here for this!

Very pleased to find this. Had your punk drummer boy collab tune in my head from last year and came here looking for more. Glad I found this, thanks man!

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Very nice

If you ever wind up making prints let me know. Definately something I'd like to share with guests who visit my place.

Beautifully crafted...

when will the prints be available?

NG Store

Where can I purchase a print?

Danmolo responds:

Thanks!...I'm working on it..

They let us down and we continue to let them.

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