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I pressed BACKSPACE by accident during the final battle. I lost T_T - Fun never the less.


Great game, wonderful cameos by so many NES favorites. I'm sure I have the same question as many about reversing the controls AWSD instead of arrows. I play with my right hand crossed over my left but its a struggle. Its a personal problem like my crappy wireless keyboard who's keys lock and repeat even when using a game pad. Never the less great game, I watched it go from Version 1.1 to 1.3 in less than a week, keep up with whatever improvements you are making, I love it! But I hate the freaking Megabobo BOSS!!

Super Villians Layer

Woulda never thought I'd make it this far, gotta shut off the 4 safety shutdown things. Getting 11x Boost with Daft Lorna was painful but felt so rewarding after I finally completed it. Great game, can't wait for the 3rd. Now to hopefully complete this game!

Glitch, but great fun.

Half way through 'Wave 30' and the enemies froze.

I was free to reconstruct my vehicle while the frozen enemies hovered along with me as if they were on the same layer as the main character. After getting my engine in, the zombies re-reanimated and continued attacking me along with the birds, after my car was destroyed and I fell off the vehicle all enemies froze again, allowing me to complete the game.

It was great fun none-the-less.

Great Fun

Frustrating at first, thought to myself, 'this is no turtle launch.' However, after a few minutes I started getting better. Great fun, addictive, I hope someones paying you for this. Also I'm using Internet Explorer and she's running like butter.

Very nice.

I enjoy DifferenceGames. Can't say I'm a big Sonic fan but to begin that's not why I play your games so its not a concern. As for the reviewers below stating how easy this was, how is it you can't be my best score if it's so easy? It's not about struggling for days to find the difference, it's about speeding and bettering your score each time. Never-the-less, well done and thank you.


Mad classic Kellz w/his one-liners and comments bout Kate Gosslin. Woulda liked to see a finishing move of Snakebite rippin a boss' brain out their anus. Well done, had fun.


Really an impressive piece. I can't fathom how long this project must have taken, from the artwork, animation, voice, and all that code/scripting. Overall; creatively, artistically, technically, and to sheer game play: AMAZING!

*Author Specific*
The only discrepancy I've run into on several occassions is not being awarded more than a few achievements at a time even if the player has earned more. Ex. Played a 3 song concert, scored over 250 note streak in two songs and was only awarded 100 note streak achievement back in the garage. This happened twice, perhaps something in the script/code? Regardless, I'm still impressed beyond words, thanks for this!

Ring Ring

Well done, great atmosphere, great character development, great illustrations. Overall: just great ^-^ I'm curious as to what will come of the bell, as I've obtained it in both episodes and have yet to find a use for it, hmmm. The bell is what has me returning, AID3: Hidden Agenda of The Ding Dong Ringing Bell!!

Very nice.

Great amount of depth and detail in this point and click adventure. The story line is a very reminiscent mix of "A Tale of Two Sisters" and any power hungry world government type plot. Even with these slight personal thoughts the game holds itself on it's own, quite easily. Nice puzzles and an interesting plot keeps the player entertained and wanting to continue on. Well done.

They let us down and we continue to let them.

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