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Fuckin Yanush, outstanding. I got an insulin pump 7 months ago, shit is going well/better. Glad I wondered back to NG yet again. Great stuff as always.

InsulinpumpClock responds:

I hope you wander back more and more. I like reviews and people like you are a joy to get reviews from and there are plenty of these movies. I'm glad you got a pump. "You have diabetes."

Hahahaa, I don't know whats more entertaining, this fine piece of flash or this anthonyburkett2 comment below. Your satire is obvious enough but this anthonyb, haha. Great way to end the day, thanks guys.

Every now and then NG makes me think, "These guys know solid front page material." This is one of those times. Thank you.

Wow man. Its refreshing to be reminded how much hard work really pays off. So many techniques executed within this privately produced piece and awesome production quality; from camera work, perspectives, animation, to rotoscoping, claymation, and stop motion. You did really well here and the story along with the visuals and music tied everything together perfectly. Perhaps a feeling you didn't intend to impart but like I said, if we as individuals are willing to put in the work we can acheive great things (like your piece here). A lesson we lazy Americans are gonna need to learn sooner or later. Well done Marcus.

Mind Blowing!

Magnificent piece. Everything meshed so well from the creative use of appearing hands and weapons to emphasize emotion, to the voice acting and overall style. Your work deserves to be recognized and rewarded. Hope you return to animating.


or digital download of the complete pwanchi production. Name your price. Also, if you put it on the market at the end I saw a typo on copyright (typo: copywrite) but it ain't important. Where do I send my $20 dollars for a copy?

cyotecody555 responds:

As much as I'd would love to sell you a copy of a DVD, I'd have to wonder if certain rights would cause me many problems.

If one day arises where it is a possibility to release DVD versions, I'll let all know :)

It's like butta

Very smooth. I definately appreciate the fluidness of rotoscoping. Well put together and creating stylized structures was a nice touch. This makes me wanna watch "American Pop" by Ralph Bakashi. Keep it up!

1 Hour!

Amazing! I was16/17 when I tried making flash. Now I make about 20 hours of flash which only equals about 20 seconds run-time then I never work on it again. Thanks to this inspiring and delightfully funny piece, perhaps I will try to finish something someday. Keep it up!

I don't know you,

but I could see this being a slightly exaggerated true story from you. Haha nice.

PIED3 responds:

Ha ha, those damn birds!


A lighter follw-up to last years "A Darkness in April," which is still my favorite of any Pico Day. Great style, as soon as I saw how Pico was drawn up I knew it was your handy work. Now I have to go watch ADARKNESSINAPRIL again. Well done.

They let us down and we continue to let them.

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