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Holy shit. I just came on NG looking for some art of yours to use as a CD cover image for my MP3 player and the Evil-Dog Xmas tracks I have. Glad I came across this. Its been years since I've listened to anything from Hania. Now its been 1 minute and this shit will be listened to several times more very shortly. Great stuff as always.

Thought provoking indeed.

A real joy to listen to, a feel good kinda vibe but definately paints pictures in my head of something fantastic. Reminds me of a harder "TOE" listen to them if you get a chance, strictly instramental. Keep it up and thanks!

sinecadenza responds:

Thank you for the review. We are currently working on more stuff. We will release them here when they are done!

I came here for this!

Very pleased to find this. Had your punk drummer boy collab tune in my head from last year and came here looking for more. Glad I found this, thanks man!

Your singing sucks?

I disagree, this was a phenomenal piece. It's funny cause I can only picture your animations with your actual voice. I think if I met you and you said, "Hello" I'd start crackin up cause I can see Blown Out Of Proportion & Siblings characters. You are a true gift to this world, more people need to see/hear your work. Well done!

JunkYardAnimations responds:

haha thanks a lot bro, but I still think my voice sucks haha, it's funny because my brothers the back up singer in a popular band, I think he got all the voice talent... but only I can write rude comedic genius!!!


Haha, nice.

"present me wit a piece of that Agrokrag."

Je Declare La Guerre Des Pousses

I'm not sure what has me listening to this for the 38th time in a row now. Perhaps the french or the electronica 8-bit style. I'm a big fan of vietrap, jpop & most other music I can't understand what's being said. Never-the-less I really dig this piece. Nice work.


The First 25 Seconds Totally Reminds Me Of A Game For SuperNES Called "Mario Paint." If You Never Played It, You Should. The Pitch Is Slightly Different But Yeah. All Around This Piece Is Pretty Sweet & Does Remind Me Of Moscow. This Piece Would Go Well With Mickey Mouse & The Ninja Turtles Dancing Around Red Square. Nice Work.

SolusLunes responds:

Mmm. Mario Paint.


Not Bad, Now You Make Me Wanna Listen To Phong Le & Khahn Nho Fo Sho!! Vietnamese Style Dawg! Haha Love The Voices, Collab With Phong Le!!

Keep Em Coming!

I Came Through Here After Checkin Out Your Mario 2kv, I Like What I'm Hearin. Very Nice. I Don't Know Much Of The Process Behind Making Music But If You Ever Run Into "Maniac Mansion" For Nintendo You Should Check The Music On That Game, It's Hott. Lookin Forward To More Of Your Stuff. Grace N Peace.

Shanetheguy responds:

thanks. Its reviews like this that inspire me to keep goin.


Lovin The Way You Mixed This, Original, Keyboard, Synth, And The Hott Beat. Thanks Man, This Is The Heat.

Shanetheguy responds:

cuz i got that fiya lol. ima keep em commin

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