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Very nice

If you ever wind up making prints let me know. Definately something I'd like to share with guests who visit my place.

Beautifully crafted...

when will the prints be available?

NG Store

Where can I purchase a print?

Danmolo responds:

Thanks!...I'm working on it..


Did he say "the girl with the mustash and monical was cool..."? Totoro, yes she is very cool. When will this poster be available in the NG store or directly from you?

Really nice.

It's been frontpaged so clearly its gained the recognition it deserves. Run it pass Tom to auction this off, either here or on your own through ebay. Mount this in a shadow box and I'll start the bidding at $85. Also, nice work.

SirKillington responds:

First, thank you very much, I appreciate the fact you would like to purchase my work. Most of the time I just throw it away or give it away. Second, I can't sell it to you because I ended up giving it to Tom Fulps because I figured he would like some fan art from a fan. Third, I'm working on some more 2D/3D stuff right now, should be done this week :D


New your style as soon as I saw this. Great work, when can we expect this to be available in the STORE!?


"Fry, wake up! It's me, Big Face. Come out here and groom my mangy fur."

"Big Face is that you!?"

Simply, a spectacular tribute to a spectacular show. Excellent work.


As soon as I saw the thumbnail I was reminded of a specific "Samurai Jack" episode involving 1920 gangsters. Love the style of this piece, if there was a print available I'd be wanting to own it. Amazing work.

"Brazilian Boner"

Since you mentioned it, I'm sure you're familiar with it. Also since I enjoy dick jokes as well, I'll share this with everyone.

"Aside from causing intense pain, the venom of the [Brazilian Wandering] spider can also cause priapism âEU" uncomfortable erections that can last for many hours and that can lead to impotence. The venom may eventually be used in erectile dysfunction treatments. This spider has been referred to as the âEUoeBrazilian boner spiderâEU for this reason.

You lied...

I checked the forum topic & I saw MC, JU, & yourself. Otherwise I wouldn't say I saw too much "good shit in there." However there were a few goodies that managed to arouse my interest.

They let us down and we continue to let them.

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